October 13, 2009

Teaser : The Comeback

Hello girls,

How are you? We hope everyone is doing fine and we're at Chic Shawl is doing fine as always... Ok, lets go for the updates... Actually we've received a lot of request to restock some of the shawls in our previous batches, unfortunately we can't promise anything as we at Chic Shawl also depending on the shawl's availability from our supplier... If we are lucky then we can restock the shawls... And we would love to share that this time, we are LUCKY!! We manage to grab some of the shawls from previous batch... We won't tell which shawls yet until TOMORROW... Yeah TOMORROW is our BATCH 15 updates, and we name it as THE COMEBACK as it was the return of the shawls from previous batch... So we guess we'll stop here, and we'll see u tomorrow k, good night and sweet dream... :)

Date: 14 October 2009 (Wednesday)
Hint: Return of previous shawls



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